Adventures in Pencarreg


Book three in the Pencarreg series

Book blurb: Children, ponies and snow! It’s a winner!
The children of Pencarreg mountain are on another brilliant adventure this winter. The team, together with a horse whisperer, tame the ponies they save from the market. They rescue and train hill ponies and a new venture begins. They share their discovery of the silent language of horses with thousands of pony lovers everywhere.
“We have a secret… Think like a horse!”

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Meet Sally, Clair and Meg in Adventures In Pencarreg. The children create a group to protect wild ponies all over the planet. With their friend, a horse whisperer, they ride through the Welsh mountains and discover a wild herd of ponies which change their destiny.

A horse whisperers words:

Encourage a horse to trust you and become your loyal friend. Think like a horse.


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