About Caitlin

30 Years in Music

My life has been filled with hopes and dreams that became realities. I had a passion for music, horses and the outdoors, and this led me on an incredible journey around the world. From England to Wales, America to Australia and New Zealand, I have had some of the most wondrous adventures and wish to share them and inspire others to live their dreams.

I was born in the north of England at a farmhouse out in the hills, and at 10 yrs old I met my first pony to be my companion for the next 33 yrs and to travel through the hills and mountains in Uk. So I was always connected to nature and thus I delved deep into spirit, in nature, in my own nature, in the wild. In Wales, In NZ on the trail on horseback, inspired by solitude, depth, my mind, my body’s capabilities and my connection to nature to horses to wild.

At 18 yrs old I travelled 1000’s of miles on horseback, and learnt how to live with little food or money. I stayed at some incredible places, with inspiring people, sometimes in community, often alone in my tent. I saw herds of wild horses and once I learnt the fate of many of them, bound for slaughter, I began to rescue, train and rehome wild horses!

“The ponies are part of our national heritage and have worked for people for centuries so deserve a huge thanks by having an equally huge portion of land, a sanctuary to live naturally.”

They are descendants of the native ponies.

Lets make this world a good place for all ponies,”

I have always loved music and its been easy to play any instrument, mostly the piano and guitar. I write songs with positive lyrics, to inspire and uplift my  listeners.

And also inspiring audiences to live a free life on the land, organic, in nature, in peace.

“Love the life you live and live the life you love.” 

Caitlin Welsh

Musician & Author

Caitlin Welsh

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