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Caitlin Welsh

Caitlin is the author of multiple books, is a talented musician and experienced horse trainer. She is excited to share her creations with you here.

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Caitlin Welsh trains horses all over the world with her Natural style, using gentle encouragement and reward.

At her ranch in New Zealand, Caitlin tames the wild Kaimanawas and has a programme which focuses on Natural Riding, understanding the language of the horse and rehoming these amazing and hardy ponies.

Caitlin tours UK, Australia and NZ performing concerts at festivals and yoga ashrams playing sitar, flutes and keyboards, and singing. Her unique voice I soft yet powerful, her songs, relaxing music and inspiring lyrics help to raise consciousness and give hope for a bright future. She heals and inspires people and encourages them to join her and open their own voice for freedom of spirit.

She presents seminars on her life living in communities in UK where the focus is clean, green living life together in harmony, raising children together, growing food, building houses with natural materials.

She is living in NZ at present sharing her gifts of animal communication, healing, inspirational talks and mantra and song.

Caitlin Welsh

Musician & Author